Captures the Most Solar Energy
Our pool collectors have been tested by two different independent laboratories (The Florida Energy Centre and Ortec Laboratories). In each case, they received one of the highest test scores for heat collection ever achieved for polypropylene solar pool collectors.
The curved tube surface exposed to the sun's energy presents a more constant surface area to the sun during the day as the sun's angle to the solar collector surface changes than does a flat or nearly flat surface.
The space between the tubes forms a heat trap. Some of the solar energy falling on the fins and tubes re-radiates
to the sides of the tubes and forms a high temperature area that is protected from the wind passing over the surface. This increases the amount of solar energy absorbed by the tubes, sending more heat into the pool water. That gives us a great advantage over solar collectors with separate exposed tubes where the wind passing between them wipes the warm air from their  surfaces, cooling them. In comparison, the surface area presented to the sun of our Solar panels are 50% superior to that of a flat panel.
Most Durable Construction
Our headers are moulded directly to the extruded absorber surface, forming a permanent, leak-free bond.The tube-on-fin absorber expands and contracts with temperature changes, relieving the stresses that cause other solar collectors to deteriorate with age.
Proven Materials
Our panels are manufactured in a modern facility on the eastern seabord of the USA from a special formulation of polypropylene, that has demonstrated high reliability in solar pool heating applications for over twenty years, in all climates. Our proprietary formulation attracts the sun's energy but resists its damaging effects.
Better Flow
Generous, 50 mm (inside diameter) headers and straight - through water flow in the absorber reduce pressure losses, improving water flow. Better flow raises collector performance and assures maximum pool filtration.
Better Appearance
Our injection moulding process smoothly joins the header and absorber, assuring consistently superior workmanship. Installed collectors are close - coupled, minimising the space between absorbers. The narrower gap improves the appearance of the array and fits more solar collector into less area.