With the automatic system you simply set the desired temperature on your control panel and the system does the rest. When the solar sensor finds that there is enough solar energy to heat your pool and your pool is colder than you desire, water is automatically sent to your solar collectors  by the motorised valve. Bright sunshine is not needed to heat your pool. The solar sensor will turn on your solar system even on a hazy or cloudy day when it finds the right amount of solar energy. Your pool pump sends pool water to the solar collectors. As the water flows through the many tubes in each solar collector the sun’s energy heats it. The solar-heated water then flows back to your pool. This simple cycle continues until your pool reaches your desired temperature.

You can cool an overheated pool in warmer months by simply running the pool pump at night. Your control system will automatically switch to cooling your pool.

Nothing could be simpler - Totally free heat and no maintenance costs as well !